Our Coffee

Quality, aroma and taste: all in one cup!
This is your Don Caruso.

Our company pays much attention to the entire coffee production process: from the harvesting at regular intervals, in order to respect the times of ripening grains, carried out at the plantations in Brazil, Honduras, Ethiopia, India, Kenya and Costa Rica, to the selection of the same before roasting at our roasting in Italy.

Furthermore, we continue to make dozens and dozens of tests even after roasting, to ensure that our coffee, which comes in three different blends to suit all palates, maintains that unique aroma in time, now more than ever loved and appreciated by all our customers.

Our blends

Don Caruso Classico

Don Caruso in your home with your coffee: the energy and aroma that no one know how you and loves. Have a nice day!

To compose our classic blend we have selected with care and attention the best varieties of Arabica present in Brazil and Robusta from Africa and Asia.

Sweet roasting, strong character and intense aroma.
Perfect for Moka and espresso machine.

Don Caruso Ricco

Don Caruso offers a generous coffee in its tast and rich in the indispensable aroma.

Sweet roasting, intense character with a light and fruity background and with bits of spices and liquirce.

We have made dozens and dozens of tests accurately selecting the best variety of Arabica from the Brazilian and Central American plantations to gift you the pleasure of tasting this extraordinary coffee.
Perfect for Moka and espresso machine.

Don Caruso Top 100% Arabica

Don Caruso mixture for you the best variety of Arabica, with the passion and attention to the balance of the aroma.

Sweet roasting, discreet bodied, candied fruit aromas.

Excellent blend composed exclusively of Arabica beans to harvested with patience, accurately selectioned from Brazil, Center America and India.
Perfect for Moka, espresso machine and to prepare American coffee.